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Rebranding of a shopping center to make it an iconic lifestyle destination in the heart of  Chiang Mai, Thailand.

AN ICONIC Makeover


In preparation for a newly proposed tram system in the city, we were tasked to rebrand and create the 3D architectural designs for the refurbishment of a shopping complex and Mercure Hotel (a four-star hotel chain) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We worked with a team of architects to create our vision.


After a brand audit, we changed the name of the compound to North Gate Park after the iconic ancient city monument of that area and utilized the 4 colors of the "Creative City" movement. Additional revenue streams were created by opening up the second floor along with billboards and 15% more parking. We also added more common areas and the biggest entertainment complex in South East Asia. 


Increase revenue streams, create new public spaces working with limited space, attract new customers. 

Creative Scope:

Complete brand overhaul, creative direction, architectural designs, UX parking lot design


Design Scope:

Branding, logo, graphic design, 3D architectural renderings and photoshop enhancements

PROJECT Highlights

DESIGN Spotlight